Welcome to Books and Coffee!

Welcome to Books and Coffee, the book club that combines the two great loves of local writers: literature and caffeine. Our club was created to elevate both of those loves while supporting each other, the arts, and our local community.

Founded in 2013, by Marnie, Beth, and Sarah, our club has led its members to read more than 435 books all together! We've also raised more than $2,000 for local charities and brought together new local writers and poets from the capital area.

Over the years, we've evolved to include fun and weird book-related events (like last year's Pokeman Go walk and Ready Player One discussion) and celebrations (like our yearly Harry Potter Day and Tea Swap). If you have a fun idea for a cool local event, contact us. We like to have a latte fun!

Do I have to drink caffeine to join the club?

No, but just know that most other members will be consuming coffee and tea, and a lot of it! You're welcome to come; we just ask that you bring your own choice of beverage (especially on days when we won't be meeting at a venue where an alternative is readily available).

Do you have events at members' houses?

No, we don't. When this club started, Marnie and Beth were both living in tiny apartments, so it wouldn't have been feasible. We've found that it's just more convenient to meet at local coffee shops.

Why do you ask for donations?

This club takes a lot to organize, but we do not accept money for our club officers' time/effort. However, we do ask that you funnel $5 to $10 for every event that you attend to a local charity of your choice. For special and more costly events, please donate $15 or $20. If you don't have it or don't want to, that's fine, too: You're still welcome to come. Please record what you donate in Beth's Super Sparkly Book of Awesomeness so that we can keep track of our good works!

Can I show up to your next meeting?

We love new members! Just check the schedule to see what we're currently reading and where we'll be meeting next.

I am a local author. Can I organize an event with you?

Absolutely! Please contact one of our club officers to schedule a book signing day.